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Under some conditions, a company’s affairs are better managed under the protection of Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Pivotal Strategies’ professionals have been executive officers, advisors and/or interim executives for companies in Chapter 11 and have significant experience in managing all aspects of the bankruptcy process on behalf of our clients.

A filing for protection under Chapter 11 interjects additional critical parties into a company’s business affairs, including a client’s own bankruptcy counsel, a judge, creditors’ attorneys and consultants and, possibly, a court appointed trustee.  Pivotal Strategies’ professionals under-stand the importance of, and how to manage through, the elevated level of scrutiny and cons-tituent communications required by the bankruptcy process.

In addition to increased demands for communications, a successful Chapter 11 proceeding requires moving quickly towards a plan of reorganization or a sale of the business or its assets. Our experience and knowledge allow us to guide clients through the complexities of the bank-ruptcy processes without unnecessary delay.

We assist our clients with a wide range of activities and requirements, including:

·   Preparation of bankruptcy forms and reports, including first day filings and monthly operating reports

·   Sourcing, negotiating, and structuring DIP and emergence financing

·   Cash flow analyses and preparation of weekly bankruptcy cash forecasts

·   Managing §363 sale process, sales of assets and bankruptcy liquidations

·   Developing, presenting and negotiating Plans of Reorganization

·   Preparation of claims and preference analyses

·   Preparing analyses and providing testimony in support of court motions

·   Expert witness testimony

Pivotal Strategies is highly sensitized to owners’ and management teams’ needs during bankruptcy proceedings and provides interim management services to supplement our clients existing resources.

Within the bankruptcy process, we have assisted our clients in successfully emerging under Plans of Reorganization and in the completion of §363 sales at prices exceeding expectations. Throughout the process, we strive to ensure that the final disposition of the case offers the best, and fairest, possible value for our clients and all interested parties.

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