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capital financing services

Pivotal Strategies' professionals have extensive experience in raising capital financing through a broad range of debt and equity sources.  Collectively, we have completed over 100 financing transactions for total proceeds of over $1.0 billion.  Individual transaction sizes have varied from small seed financings for start-up companies to large public equity and debt offerings.  We have obtained capital for the following purposes:

   General corporate growth

   Start-up/development financing

   Management buyouts

   Refinancing of existing debt

   Debtor-in-possession financing

   Merger and acquisition financing

   Bridge/recovery financing

   Investor liquidity

Sources of debt have included lenders in the commercial, institutional, subordinated, mezzanine and non-regulated  private debt markets, as well as public debt offerings.  Equity sources have included venture capital and private equity groups, private individual investors and public offerings, including IPOs.

We position our clients to obtain the appropriate types and amounts of financing to build out an optimal capital structure meeting their business needs.  We anticipate the questions and concerns of prospective investors and prepare our clients to address them in an appropriate manner.  We help them define and fully describe their business in a professional presentation that highlights  strengths and addresses risk factors.  We prepare detailed, credible financial models, with realistic assumptions, that demonstrate the use of proceeds and, if applicable, the client's ability to service debt or retirement provisions.

We cultivate and maintain excellent relations with a wide range of lenders and equity sources.  We present our clients to the appropriate types of investors, manage the due diligence process, and represent them in negotiating structure, terms and conditions. Throughout the process, we make certain our clients fully understand the ramifications of all terms and conditions and we advise them on critical decision points along the way.

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