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Distressed businesses rarely generate sufficient cash flow to meet all immediate demands and cash management can become a time consuming, and often frustrating, process.   The input of operating management is critical to an effective cash management program, however, day-to-day management of operations generally requires an elevated level of focus precluding full involve-ment in the cash management process.

Pivotal Strategies' professionals have often been called upon to coordinate the ongoing, day-to-day cash management challenges for distressed businesses.  Our cash management activities generally encompass:

·   Prepare realistic short and intermediate term forecasts of receipts, disbursements and borrowing availability

·   Work with purchasing and operating management to prioritize and rationalize the order of cash requirements against forecasted availability

·   Manage communications with suppliers; negotiate extended terms and credit limits

·   Seek additional sources of cash such as sale of excess inventory and/or under-utilized assets, new working capital financing, temporary lender over-advances, etc.

·   Negotiate with customers to accelerate payment and/or restructure terms

Our ability to effectively manage our clients' cash flow maintains the value of the business while leaving operating management free to implement and manage critical recovery initiatives.

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