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services for emerging businesses

For many companies in the development stage, investment in permanent, full-time, executive-level talent may not be feasible.  However, some of the skill sets and experience, normally attributable to corporate executives, could be important to the enterprise's ultimate success.  As an alternative solution, Pivotal Strategies provides proven, executive-level talent to emerging businesses on a part-time, or as-needed, basis.

Our professionals have served as executives for companies in various stages of development - from start up, to emerging growth, to early-stage full operating status.  We are sensitive to the importance of flexibility in creative, entrepreneurial environments.  At the same time, we understand the need for basic reporting and controls to monitor and measure company progress, preserve liquidity, lay the foundations for future growth and assure existing and prospective investors that their interests are protected and that critical skill sets are available to meet growth objectives.  We also recognize the benefits of freeing key personnel from unfamiliar financial and administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on development, operations, sales and marketing issues critical to ultimate success.

Pivotal Strategies' professionals have served as CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CMOs for many emerging businesses.  Critical executive management roles fulfilled by our professionals have included:

·   Planning:  develop and/or maintain business plan with supporting financial model; manage budgeting process; develop and report operating and cash flow forecasts

·   Operations:  develop marketing and product strategies; establish sales and distribution channels;  train/manage sales and marketing staffs; develop sourcing strategies and channels; explore/establish overseas operations

·   Financial operations:   establish reporting standards and formats; develop infrastructure, recruit finance personnel and implement financial systems appropriate for company's stage of development and level of activity; develop and maintain cash management system

·   Financing:   establish and maintain relations with the financial community; anticipate requirements for additional capital financing and procure as needed; seek alternative sources of liquidity

·   Administration:   develop/implement appropriate business processes and systems; establish risk management, employee benefits and management incentive programs; review company contracts; manage relations with, and activities of, outside professionals

Our professionals add value for emerging businesses for as long as necessary.  When our clients are ready for a permanent, full time presence in a role, we are in an ideal position to assist them in defining the role, evaluating candidates and providing a smooth transition to the successful candidate.

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