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interim management

In many instances, Pivotal Strategies' professionals assume full-time or part-time, interim management responsibilities on behalf of our clients.  This is typical in situations where special, critical skill sets are not present within the existing management team, or where a key management position has been vacated.

Our professionals have held critical management positions, with proven track records, as both full time executive officers and on interim bases.  We have served as CEOs, COOs, CFOs and Chief Marketing Officers.  In addition, we often serve as managers for  projects, transactions or other specific activities to supplement and enhance the capabilities and focus of existing management teams.

Due to our backgrounds as executive officers and the depth and breadth of our experience, we are immediately up to speed and prepared to assume the authority and decision-making responsibilities typical to the roles we fulfill.  In addition, we are experienced in confronting and overcoming the challenges and issues unique to various states of corporate transition.  We approach our responsibilities with an elevated sense of urgency and we are prepared to make critical decisions.  Our entire focus is on goals, objectives and expedited results.

As interim managers, our overriding objective is to support a company through a successful transitional process.  A true measure of our success is the point at which our services are no longer required.


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