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The Partners of Pivotal Strategies  possess a unique, complimentary blend of skill sets and experiences.  Our backgrounds encompass sales and marketing strategies, financial and operations management, investment banking and global operations.  We have all been corporate executive officers for public, private and family-owned businesses, ranging in size from start-up to over $350 million in revenues.  Our experience spans a broad range of industries within the manufacturing, services, technology and other sectors.  And, we all have hands-on, practical experience in managing through challenges and issues inherent in various states of corporate transition.  Collectively, we possess over a century of professional experience and have solid track records of accomplishment as executive officers, interim executives and advisors for over 300 businesses.

Due to our backgrounds as corporate executives, we understand the priorities, mind sets and concerns of our clients' owners and management teams.  Also, because of the breadth and depth of our skill sets and experience, we are immediately effective in confronting and over-coming challenges faced by our clients as they navigate through often uncharted waters.  We approach our engagements, and rolls within client companies, with an elevated sense of urgency and a firm understanding of the benefits of team collaboration in achieving the desired results for our clients.  Most of all, we are committed to, and capable of, delivering the solutions and results to maximize value for our clients' businesses and stakeholders.

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