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business processes and systems

Pivotal Strategies assists our clients in  analyzing, evaluating and, if necessary, reengineering their business processes and systems to improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs and enhance management control of their business assets and cash flow.  We provide a comprehensive, detailed review of their practices, policies, procedures, controls, systems and information flow right down to the detailed transaction level.  We examine and document selected or all transaction cycles across all functional disciplines to assure the following:

·   All practices, policies and procedures are consistent with best practices and  company objectives.  We define controls to identify exceptions and ensure proper levels of review and authorization.

·   Processes are performed by appropriate, adequately trained personnel.  We make certain that appropriate information and resources are available to all personnel for proper discharge of responsibilities.

·   Efficiencies are maximized.  We apply lean concepts in eliminating redundant, unproductive tasks.  We identify areas in which automation can replace arduous, time consuming, manual procedures and we evaluate process costs to ensure they are commensurate with value added.

·   Adequate information is generated and efficiently disseminated for proper execution of processes, monitoring and measurement of business performance, control of business assets and  effective management decision making.

The documentation we create during the process can serve a number of purposes, including training and procedures manuals for managers and employees, as well as the basis for certification under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, if applicable.

Often, as a result of our process assessments, our clients realize the need to remediate or replace all, or portions of their IT systems.  In many instances we have assisted our clients in upgrading the functionality and performance of their existing systems or in evaluating, selecting and implementing totally new systems.  We have worked with a multitude of systems for companies of all sizes and in many different industries. These have ranged from simple financial systems on stand alone PCs to world class ERP systems on global networks.

Due to our extensive, hands-on experience, we are quickly able to analyze our clients' needs and identify alternative potential solutions.  We work with them to evaluate, cost justify, select and implement the optimal configuration of software and hardware for their business requirements.  We manage the implementation project, document direct and ancillary procedures and controls, and fully train their employees.  We leave them with fully tested and totally functional systems that are seamlessly integrated with all other elements of their business processes.

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