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services overview

Pivotal Strategies is a solutions and results-oriented firm focusing on issues and challenges faced by companies in various states of transition.  The majority of our engagements are comprised of working with distressed companies and emerging growth businesses.  However, the same skill sets and experience that provide value for these clients also assist companies in other states of transition that require major strategic and operational shifts, as well as businesses confronted with management and ownership succession issues.

our service approach

Typically, our engagements consist of three phases:

·   Assessment:  We work with management to quickly understand the key external and internal drivers of their businesses and the cause and effect relationships of challenges and issues with which they are faced.

·   Initiative Planning:  We develop one or more sets of initiative plans and test their validity and practicality with management, ownership and other relevant constituents.  If obstacles are identified, we reiterate our planning to mitigate or bypass them until we have a realistic and achievable set of initiatives.

·   Execution:  We guide our clients' management teams in channeling the proper resources for effective execution of the initiatives.  We monitor performance, adjust if and when necessary, maintain communications with all stakeholders, and instill the sense of urgency and persistence to see the engagement through to a successful conclusion.

service configuration

Collectively, Pivotal Strategies' professionals have over 100 years of experience, much of which has been gained in dynamic and challenging situations.  Through our experiences and training, we have accumulated a unique combination of diverse, yet complimentary, skill sets that have become Pivotal Strategies' core proficiencies.  These include:


·   interim management - CEO, COO, CFO, CMO

·   crisis and turnaround management

·   strategic and operational assess-ments and initiatives

·   financial forecasting

·   cash management

·   debt restructuring and refinancing

·   distressed M&A

·   business wind down and liquidation

·   bankruptcy

·   global marketing and sourcing strategies

·   lean manufacturing/six sigma

กค   generational succession issues

กค   investment banking

·   business valuations

·   capital financing - equity and debt through private and public sources

·   venture funding

·   mergers and acquisitions - buy and sell side

·   due diligence reviews

·   post-acquisition integration

·   business processes - analysis, assessment, reengineering

·   information systems - evaluation, remediation, selection, implementation