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Pivotal Strategies brings all of its collective skill sets and years of operational experience to bear in transitioning our distressed clients back to health.  Our professionals identify the underlying challenges and issues facing our clients and work with management to define and manage initiatives designed to restore profitability and positive cash flow.

We address all components of profitability and cash flow in formulating a comprehensive turnaround plan.  Our professionals possess the experience and expertise to facilitate appropriate fundamental changes, such as:

·   Expanding sales and/or distribution channels through adjustments to existing strategies or development of new strategies, including introduction of new or expanded product lines

·   Identifying and eliminating manufacturing inefficiencies and bottlenecks

·   Exploring opportunities to outsource inherently inefficient processes and activities

·   Renegotiating major contracts, such as licensing agreements, leases, union contracts, etc.

·   Realigning overhead, selling, general and administrative costs with realistic revenue expectations

·   Evaluating customers and eliminating unprofitable accounts

·   Negotiating or developing more favorable sourcing arrangements

·   Selling or eliminating unprofitable product lines or portions of the business

·   Acquiring complimentary product lines/businesses to achieve critical revenue mass and/or consolidate for cost efficiencies

·   Improving processes and controls to reduce inventory turns and to better manage assets and resources

Our years of experience and success in alleviating distressed situations provide a meaningful and relevant supplement to our clients' management teams.  We also provide credibility in communicating the plan, and progress against the plan, with other constituents and stakeholders, and in managing expectations of all critical parties.

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